Halide Perovskites




3 octobre 2022: 1 événement


  • Webinars Post-Doc du GDR HPERO

    Lundi 3 octobre 09:30-10:30 - Adrien RIVALLAND - CEA - INES

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    Résumé : To optimise the conversion of solar energy and increase the electrical power of photovoltaic cells, the development of tandem solar cells seems to be the preferred route. As the photovoltaic industry is heavily focused on the production of silicon-based cells, a structure combining a silicon cell and a large gap material is the most relevant[1].
    Perovskite (PK) / cristalline silicon (c-Si) tandem cells have reached record efficiencies, recently exceeding the symbolic 30% mark (31.25% CSEM/EPFL)[2] at lab scale (1cm²).
    However, even if some studies have demonstrated good stability of perovskite-based cells[3]–[5], this remains very dependent on the precise composition of the perovskite, its deposition process and the nature of the transport layers, which makes it difficult to transpose study conclusions from one laboratory to another.
    The electrical behaviour of tandem cells produced at CEA-INES after ageing under illumination will be presented. The variation of behaviour according to the architecture of the cell and the nature of the different thin layers constituting it will be highlighted. We will also discuss the difficulties that may be encountered in characterising metastable tandem cells compared to stable single junction cells

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