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Webinar : Perovskite solar cells developed using electrodeposition, by Mirella Al Katrib (LEPMI)

mercredi 21 septembre 2022, par qhuy

In the last decade, halide perovskites have drawn substantial interest in the fields of photovoltaic. However, the most used method to deposit perovskite active layers is spin coating, which presents many constraints such as limited surface coverage, high production price, non-homogeneity, undefined perovskite crystallinity, poor stability and must be executed under inert atmosphere. Alternative methods must be explored, such as electrodeposition, since it solves the as-mentioned disadvantages.

In this work, we were able to develop different types of perovskites using electrodeposition, understand the impact of the different deposition parameters on their structure, and improve their stability comparing to the spin-coated ones. An innovative approach was reached by electrodepositing different mixed perovskites, such as MAPbI3-xClx and MA1-yFAyPbI3-xClx. However, an optimized solar cell architecture must be found, corresponding to the electrodeposited perovskite, to further enhance the efficiency.[1,2]

References :

1. Al Katrib, M., Perrin, L. & Planes, E. Optimizing Perovskite Solar Cell Architecture in Multistep Routes Including Electrodeposition. ACS Applied Energy Materials (2022)
2.Al Katrib, M., Planes, E. & Perrin, L. Effect of Chlorine Addition on the Performance and Stability of Electrodeposited Mixed Perovskite Solar Cells. Chemistry of Materials 34, 2218–2230 (2022).

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