Halide Perovskites



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Laboratory name : XLIM, UMR 7252

Adress : 123, avenue Albert Thomas - 87060 LIMOGES CEDEX

Contact : Johann BOUCLÉ, johann.boucle unilim.fr

Permanent members involved : Bernard Ratier (Pr), Sylvain Vedraine (MCF), Rémi Antony (MCF), Thierry Trigaud (MCF), Pierre Audebert (Pr), Nicolas Parou (Tech), Anne Julien-Vergonjanne (Pr), Stéphanie Sahuguède (MCF), Pierre Combeau (MCF)

Topics :

  • Integration of innovative materials in perovskite devices : interfaces (perovskite oxides, innovative organic interfaces, composites with carbon nanostructures and nanoobjects (quantum dots), electrodes (trilayers, silver nanowires, etc.).
  • Active perovskite layers : composition control (mixed cations, mixed halogens), doping of 3D perovskite active layers (Bismuth, copper), quasi-2D phases, lead-free compounds
  • Manufacturing and characterization of perovskite devices : photovoltaic devices and light-emitting diodes. Micro-sources for energy harvesting.
  • Printing technologies applied to perovskite devices : inkjet technology at the laboratory scale, rheology and ink formulation.
  • Simulation of devices : injection / collection of charges and associated electrical dissipation phenomena, transport properties, optical and plasmonic properties
  • Current interest : application of perovskite devices for optical wireless communications (OWC), dynamic behavior of devices (rise/fall time,, bandwidth), advanced metrology using impedance spectroscopy (capacitive response) and optoelectronic characterizations (field of view, radiation diagram), modeling of optical links and OWC link budget, OWC experimental bench.

Experimental means / theoretical tools :

  • Experimental means : Synthesis of halide perovskite single crystals and powders for NMR and RQN experiments
  • Theoretical tools : Density functional theory, semi-empirical and empirical models

Websites of the involved groups :