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Virtual Workshop « Chemistry of halide perovskites » on November 25th

par qhuy -

Hybrid metal halide perovskites have recently attracted the attention of chemists and physicists owing to interesting optoelectronic properties. Controlling the chemistry of these materials is of very high importance to tune the exciton properties and reach new records for photovoltaic and LED efficiencies.

This workshop will provide a platform to share the knowledge in the chemistry of halide perovskites (new materials, control of the microstructure, film crystallization, …) and promote discussions on the synthesis and characterization of this emerging class of materials.

The virtual workshop "Chemistry of halide perovskites" is planned on the morning of 25th November 2021. In order to receive the connection details, it is necessary to register by sending an email to eworkshop.hpero cnrs-imn.fr before November 19th.

Detailed program available in the PDF below