Halide Perovskites



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ONLINE WORKSHOP - Shedding light on exciton physical properties in halide perovskites - JUNE 21st

par abergonzoni -

21st June

Lead halide perovskites have attracted the attention of researchers in the last years due to their exceptional photovoltaic efficiencies obtained in a very short time. They display outstanding properties in many aspects, such as wide tunability in the bandgap, large absorption cross-sections, high luminescence yields, large charge carrier mobility, and generation efficiency...

In parallel, lead perovskite materials are also promising for optoelectronic and optospintronics devices, such as laser, diodes, photodetectors, and photosensors… and the synthesis of engineered nanostructures extend the future applications of perovskite materials to the domain of quantum optics and quantum information processing.

In this context, a better understanding of the fundamental physical properties of the exciton generation, recombination, spin, and their coupling to phonons, electric and magnetic fields is of prime importance for the development of perovskite-based applications. This workshop will provide a platform to share up-to-date knowledge in the physics of the exciton (band-edge exciton fine structure, regimes of quantum confinement, coupling to phonons, spin properties, self-trapped excitons, cavity polaritons,…) and promote stimulating discussions between experimentalists and theoreticians on the most recent developments and the next challenges.