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Cellules solaires pérovskites mixtes sans couche ETL

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  • Compact layer free mixed-cation lead mixed-halide perovskite solar cells
    Z. Hu, H. Xiang, M. Schoenauer Sebag, L. Billot, L. Aigouy, Z. Chen
    Chem. Comm. 2018, 54, 2623

Thickness-tunable and compact FA0.83Cs0.17Pb(I0.6Br0.4)3 perovskite thin films are achieved with a large grain size up to 12 microns. They are then employed to fabricate functional solar cells with a simplified planar structure without the use of electron-transport (ETL) layers. These results are highly encouraging for the future large-scale fabrication of FA0.83Cs0.17Pb(I0.6Br0.4)3-based solar cells.

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